Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Missionary Man


Lisbon, Portugal is where he will serve. May 5th is when he will leave. That's the day that we are all planning our world around now. We will all plan our lives around, before Tyler leaves on his mission, and after he leaves on his mission. We are all excited and a little apprehensive. As I am sure most families are, when they think about sending their kid off with very little contact for two years. I am grateful it is a safe country to travel to. His first choice would have been Africa. Not sure I would be so excited if he had went to Africa.
I am looking forward to going over and getting him when he is off his mission. Hope to travel around a bit and see some other places in Europe. He is happy to be serving in a place that is so rich with culture and history. I think it will really open his mind. I think the people of Portugal are going to love him and he will love the people of Portugal.

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