Saturday, April 24, 2010


So my boy is leaving in 10 days. Sad? Yes. Happy? Yes. Worried? Yes. Blessed YES!
He started this weird forum where you can ask him any question you want ( and he will answer it. So people were asking things about his mission and other strange questions like.....Who would you rather date? Queen Latifa or Oprah. He answered Queen Latifa (did I tell you I raised that boy right?) One of the questions was.....

Who inspires you the most? His answer was-------

my parents have definitely been the biggest inspiration in my life. They have made me the person I am today, and I love them so much for that.

See I did raise him right....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tyler Funny Video

Check out the video clip on the side, it's a little better than this one. Make sure you turn off my music first, so that you can hear it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hawaii Trip 2010 (start from the bottom and work your way up)

If you click on this picture, you can get a better view of the surfer trying to catch a wave.

I loved they way the waves rolled in. Right next to our resort was this rock wall, and as the tide came in, the waves crashed along it. It was so peaceful to just sit there and watch and listen to the ocean.

As you can see, it was pretty high winds for a few days.

After snorkeling we went to the North Shore and Ty and Andrew got surf lessons from Ash the good looking surf instructor. Tyler was hoping for a girl instructor.

On the last day we went snorkeling in Waikiki off of a katamaran. The ocean was still pretty rough from the high winds so.....I got sick. But, not until after I snorkeled with the turtles. We went to what they call the turtle wash station. They come to this specific part of the reef and the fish come every morning and clean the turtles shells. Pretty amazing how nature works.

My friend Susan is the biggest Dog the Bounty Hunter fan. I had to go and try to get an autograph. Unfortunately he was away on a book tour and wouldn't return until later in the month. Here is his place of business.

Diamond Head

Hanauma Bay. Look at my earlier post and see the same picture.

I swam with a sea turtle for about ten minutes. It was so incredible. He just kept swimming around and looking back to see if I was keeping up with him.
Hanauma Bay

Polynesian Culture Center
What a way to spend the day. Our day was full from start to finish. Great entertainment, good food and lots of laughs. I have grown to love the Polynesian culture.

Kolohe Kai. They are really hot on the Island. We heard their song "Ehu Girl", over and over. Ty had some of their music on his ipod and we noticed they were performing at the Honolulu Festival, so we went and watched. They were really good. If you don't like Raggae you won't care for them though.

Beautiful Hula dancer. I want to learn to Hula like that.

Mufi Hanneman. The Mayor of Honolulu. He sang for us.

Taiko drummers. They were amazing.

As of 2009, 68 years after the explosion that destroyed Arizona, oil leaks from the hull still rise to the surface of the water. Arizona continues to leak about a quart (0.95 L) of oil per day into the harbor. Survivors from the crew say that the oil will continue to leak until the last survivor dies.

These are the names of the men that survived the bombing of the Arizona. Many of the survivors have arranged for their ashes to be placed in the ship, among their fallen comrades, upon their death and cremation. The Navy, in conjunction with the National Park Service, has recently overseen a comprehensive computerized mapping of the hull, being careful to honor its role as a war grave. The Navy is considering non-intrusive means of abating the continued leakage of oil to avoid the further environmental degradation of the harbor.

On Monday we went to Pearl Harbor. There is such a reverent feeling there. It is such a huge piece of American History. It really makes you reflect upon the many people who have given their lives to give us the freedoms that we so quickly take for granted.

Tyler showing us what a "conniving thief" looks like.

Andrew being a "conniving theif".
At the Dole Plantation. This is the "Worlds Largest Maze".
On the way to the Temple to check it out.
The country-side is beautiful there.
Syd in her future car.
This is our first day at the Ko'Olina Resort.
Pool at the Resort.

One of the 3 Lagoons at the Resort.

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