Thursday, November 7, 2013


Wow, this young man is growing up right before my very eyes. He towers over me now. Brittain has been the kid in our family that is truly the middle child. He has always been lost in the shuffle. There have been times I'm sure he has resented it, but for the most part he has been kind of happy to be in the background. He has always been able to entertain himself, without much interaction from me. This has been refreshing for the most part, but looking back at it, when you have six kids if they don't squeak, you don't fix them. So I'm sure he didn't get all the attention he probably could have used. In some ways he was frustrating. He was the oldest to want to potty train. He is the most volatile. He has been hyper sensitive. But on the bright side, he taught himself to read. He taught himself multiplication (at age 5). He's self sufficient. He doesn't need to be with friends all the time. But I think he gets lonely a lot. And I know he often feels left out, and wishes someone would call him to do things.
I have to admit though, that I worry about him most. He doesn't make friends easily, and when he does, he's easily offended and hurt by them. Adults don't get him at all. His peers often don't get him.And sometimes I don't even get him. He just thinks on a different level than most people. I worry that he won't find someone that gets him. That he won't find a job or a boss that gets him. I worry he will be alone in life (besides his family). In someways he's a lot like his dad. But his dad managed to have lots of friends, so maybe there is hope yet.
It breaks my heart when people hurt his feelings. When teachers have just given up on him. When he's labeled. 
He's such a good person, with a good heart. He loves his family. He's not rebellious. He's so stinkin smart. He's so compassionate. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He adores his grandma. He's creative and very resourceful. He's so handsome. I just love this boy to death.

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