Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So, my last blog was titled, I Can't Believe It's Already 2011, and it's already been 4 months since I have posted anything. I decided I am going to make more of an effort to be a bit more frequent about my blogs.
Life is changing dramatically in the Porter home. At this time we are transitioning out of the self-employed mode and now Andrew is VP of Andersen Manufacturing. He LOVES his new job. Not sure what he loves more, not having the pressure of making every customer happy, or no pressure of making enough $$ to cover all the expenses. Either way, he loves what he is doing. Right now though, he is still transitioning out and has a stack of computers in my kitchen that are waiting to be serviced. Just for the record, I hate that part.
Sydney is starting to get Senior-itis. She is so excited to be moving on to bigger and better things (college). She will be attending Westminster College in the Fall. It will be a great thing for her. I think she will thrive there.
McKenzie has decided to buckle down and go to an alternative school that will allow her to get through her core classes as fast as she is able, and maybe even graduate early next year. Then her plan is to go down to SLC and live with Syd.
Ty is almost halfway through his mission. Thing are going well for him www.tylerdouglasporter.com You can check up on him on his website. He sends me home a letter each week to post for those friends and family that would like to follow him and see how he is doing.
Brittain is going to be working at Treasure Mountain Scout camp this summer as a volunteer. He is so excited and I am excited for him. He will love it and it will keep him from sitting around playing video games all summer.
 Landon just finished his big dance competition in SLC, it was Nationals. His team placed 2nd and 3rd in the Nation. They did really well.  He has one more performance for the year and then he will get a bit of a break. Next year he wants to add LaCrosse to his portfolio.
Brady is playing on two baseball teams this year. Pitching machine and Little League. He is excited. He will be attending a big football camp in June and is really excited for that.
My life has slowed down tons and it seems that instead of accomplishing lots, I waste so much time. I hate it. I have decided I am the type that has to have a purpose. I need to find a new purpose since the kids are all off and doing their own thing.
Things just keep continuing to change, grow and age. Never staying the same. Such is life.

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