Monday, August 31, 2009

Here's to Camy....Happy 40th!

Since I do this for my kids, I thought I would do this for my good friend Camy Hertz. Some of these are repeated because they are things I had her other friends list about her. I had everyone do 10 things.

Susan said:
1. She is very wisdomy
2. She just introduced me to some GREAT facial scrub. It is like a massage on the face!
3. She is SUPER kind hearted
4. Extremely Practical
5. Open to new ideas
6. Not judgemental of people
7. Lots of fun to be around
8. Kind mother, you know she loves her children.
9. She has a lot of brains!
10. Funny

Linda said:

Camy is:
is a loyal friend
good listener
GREAT board member!! They are so missing out!!
devoted mom
has a great memory and
sharp mind
easy to be around
fun to be around!!

Terri said:

Camy is....
wise beyond her years
sneeky (never get on Camy's bad would be scary)
a "little F'r"
centered in her beliefs

Viki writes:
"Camy is.. a Caring person, Always trustworthy, Motherly, and Youthful.

Christina says:

Camy is gentle, has a very warm smile, a very kind heart, beautiful toes, a fast finger for texting, and I love her sense of humor, which more than makes up for the last 5!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18 Reasons the Porter Family Loves Dominika

1. Domi has an amazing smile.
2. She has the most amazing green eyes.
3. She has a smile for everybody.
4. She wants to do and see and experience everything. She has a very adventurous spirit.
5. Domi is such a goofy girl.
6. She takes more pictures of herself than anyone I know.
7. Domi has a pure heart.
8. She has an innocence about her.
9. Domi loves to make people happy.
10. She is very forgiving.
11. She loves animals (especially puppies).
12. She understood our sarcasm and gives it back.
13. She was an amazing friend to Sydney and McKenzie.
14. She is a great pouter when she wants something....
15. She is a very intelligent person.
16. She fit into our family like a hand in a glove.
17. Domi loves her family very much and she is a special person because of them.
18. She loves us........ :)

Happy 18th Birthday Domi....Now go get that license!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

20 Reasons I Love Tyler

1. Wow, he's 6' 5"!
2. He's so handsome.
3. He's wise beyond his years. I sometimes wonder who should be the parent.
4. He let me work out the kinks on him.
5. He has a beautiful smile.
6. Tyler is a great older brother.
7. He has an eye for beauty.
8. He is not influenced by others. He holds firm to the truth.
9. He is a great and loyal friend.
10. Tyler has always had the ability to see the reality of who a person truly is. If they are unkind or an unsavory person, or not of high character than they are not the type of person he wants to be around.
11. He calls people on their crap. Even me sometimes.
12. He's forgiving.
13. He is full of life and energy. He was never a hyper kid but never one to sit around and waste a good day on a video game.
14. He stands his ground when he needs to, but will bend and adapt when necessary.
15. His tolerance for ignorance is limited. (I had to put this because he's like me in this way)
16. He honors his parents.
17. He has the spirit of a giant, but with much humility.
18. He is soooo compassionate. I remember when he was about in 4th grade, the boy next door kept getting bullied. the neighbor boy out-weighed Ty by about 50 pounds, but was very timid. This bully kept coming behind the neighbor boy and ramming into him with his bike. So Tyler stood in front of him and told him to knock it off. The bully said, "what are you going to do?" So Ty leaned over and knocked him down and said, "you need to stop being a it?" The kid stopped picking on the neighbor after that.
He also wants to do many things to help the people of the world who are suffering. He wants to make documentaries, about the plight of the people in Uganda, serve in the Peace Corp or do some kind of volunteer work to help others. I'm sure he has many other ideas of how to help people.
19. He loves me, even though I was pretty hard on him as a kid.
20. Tyler is an amazing human being. If he weren't my kid, (oh yeah, he's not a kid anymore) I would still want to be his friend. He makes our family complete and we all love him so very much.

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