Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My best friend came up from Utah this weekend, with her kids Jake and Bryce. Oh yeah, and Bella (the dog). We had a great visit. She is so refreshing, and she makes me laugh all the time. My kids had fun, too. We took a trip up to Swan Valley (my kids insist we do an annual trip in the fall). The leaves were all gone, but it was nice outside. We had to stop at the Square Ice cream store, of course. We took pictures at the Dam, and the Dam store. The kids always like to think of all the things they can call the Dam..... It's legal swearing, I guess.
Can someone please fill us in on what Rip-Rap is?

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VikiViki said...

Riprap — also known as rip rap, rubble, shot rock or rock armour — is rock or other material used to armor shorelines and streambeds against water and sometimes ice erosion.

Just thought I would share a little info. You can call it "Wiki from Viki".

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