Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Been A Really Long Time - SORRY!

So yes, I know, it's been way long since I last posted anything. So here goes. I will try to catch you up on all that has taken place this summer. I have to go back and look at pictures to try to remember what we did.
So we started the summer off with Coach Pitch. Brady had an awesome year. He hit amazingly well. I think he only struck out once. Then somewhere in the middle of the season he decided he wanted to play catcher. At first he wasn't sure, then he really got into it. He stayed in front of all the balls and rarely let anything get past him. At the end of the season party, he was awarded the "Down and Dirty" award. The coach said he was the only kid that could play catcher like a real man and still have pink fingernails. Boy did he get razzed about the pink fingernails that he got at the school class party.

Brady's team went on to the city tournament and took 1st place. Unfortunately, we were out of town for the tournament but, Yea Team!
At the end of June Dominika (our Slovakian exchange student) came to stay with us. She also brought along her sister Frederika. They are the cutest girls and we had a great time with them. The girls helped me with the float for the IFCTA (Idaho Falls Community Tennis Association) and they spent tons of time just helping with the ball. It took a lot of time to put all the tissue paper on that thing.



(See the tissue paper ball)

Then on July fourth we went to California to spend a few days with my sister. Since Idaho Falls celebrates on the 3rd, (if the 4th falls on a Sunday) we left on the 4th. We got there just in time to go watch the Roseville fireworks (it was rather pitiful really, but a good attempt on their part). It was a lot of fun. On Monday we went rafting down the river. It was a day long trip. It was great fun.  Then later in the week we went to San Francisco. On Friday we drove to Oregon - Exhausting. My girls went to EFY in Forest Grove. So I just had Domi and Freddi and the boys. We went to the beach during the week.

Dominika and Freddie
Landon and Brady at Seaside and riding the bumper cars

We went and looked for arrowheads in the fields next to my nieces house. We celebrated Elizabeth's birthday. We went and visited with Doug (Andrews brother). It was a busy week.  We also went to the Portland Zoo with my sister and her daughter Kaitlyn and my Great Nephew Lucas.  I was definitely ready to go home.

We left for home on Saturday morning. Then Tuesday morning we (Mckenzie, Freddi and myself) left for girls camp. I was so tired I could barely function. We had a great time though (WHOOT-WHOOT). I had a great time with the leaders, and the girls were a kick in the pants. "Donna" was a special treat (inside joke).

Kenzie - Sexy camper

Camp cook


The day we came home from girls camp we took off to go camping for the weekend in Lava.

Phew! Slow down and let me off this carnival ride.

The next weekend Andrew and his tennis team were going to Districts in Boise. So I went down with him. He played really well and had a great time.

I came home on Saturday so that I could see Dominika and Freddi leave to go home. :-(  But, before they were gone we had an arrival student come, his name was Daniel. Daniel was from Spain. I have been an arrival home several times in the past. What that means is.....The exchange students have to have a physical address to come to, so if they haven't been permenantly placed they will give them a temporary address, hoping to place them before they even get here. Well, he hadn't been placed when he came so we had to put him up. I was hoping to have a few days to recover from Domi and Freddi before getting another student. Didn't happen. Daniel was here up until two days before our new exchange student, Mirelle came. Wow, talk about crazy!
Par for the course here in the Porter home.

Mirelle Ylimaula

The day after Mirelle came we headed down to Salt Lake to enjoy the Jack Johnson concert. It was amazing and we had a really great time. I love Jack more than ever now. He is as good live (or better) than he is on his CD's.

After that life settled down a bit and we were able to just relax for a week before the kids started school.


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Not to mention kicking it with the cool crowd every Thursday at the Lake! :D

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