Friday, April 18, 2014

My Baggage, Your Baggage

So lately I've had several times where I've had the pleasure of dining with others, perhaps no more frequently than in the past, but lately I've been noticing a pattern.
See I'm a picky eater, I've been a picky eater my WHOLE life. It's never changed. I don't like MANY things, I'm not a big dessert eater and I'm not in any stretch of the imagination daring when it comes to food.
Too many ingredients, not sure what is in it, anything remotely resembling an onion, pot luck, too ethnic....... All of these things are cause for concern for me when it comes to food.
So this is where the issue lies.......with other people........not me. It doesn't inconvenience me in the least. I will find something on the menu to eat, or if going to a potluck I will eat a small bit before going, in case I don't like anything there, that way I won't be starving while everyone else is eating. I wish I liked more food, but I don't. No biggy. So tell me this? Why is it so offensive to others that I'm picky? I don't make people cater to me. There are some things I don't care for and will stay away from certain restaurants like, sushi, Thai, and I'm not a lover of pizza, but I'll eat it. I don't cause a fuss if others want to eat at a restaurant I don't care for. I can usually find something.
People make such a big deal if I order something plain,  sauce on the side, or just get a side dish, like somehow I've just offended them because I'm not enjoying the food they enjoy so much.
I think it's kind of sad how food obsessed our society is. I also feel bad that I don't love food, but my daughter really enjoys it. She is not picky in the least. She likes most anything, but sadly she is soooo limited to the things she can eat because of a severe food allergy that causes fatigue, migraines and at times vomiting and rashes over her body. Every meal is thought out and planned. She can't just go anywhere and eat, for fear of cross contamination. She can't prepare her meals without rewashing dishes and scrubbing surfaces in case of cross contamination. She has to look at ingredients ALWAYS. Traveling is a pain for her. Thank goodness for the internet. At least she can research places to eat.
She loves food and can't eat most things. I couldn't care less for food and can eat anything. People feel bad for her, but annoyed by me. Haha what a world we live in.

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