Monday, July 21, 2008

Brady water skiing

Brady Water skiing

We went up to Island Park this weekend with our neighbors. We had a really good time. Brady and Brittain both decided to try their hand at water skiing. Brady got up on the first time and the second time he took off from the dock. We were so proud of him.


VikiViki said...

That's great. The one time that I tried to actually get up on the skiis - I just got up and went straight over onto my face in the water - all in one continuous motion. About 6 times in a row. Then I gave up. Sounds like a fun time. Sorry I didn't call you back. Guess I'll see you on Thursday.

Tyler Porter said...

haha that's great. tell him good job! and tell him when I'm done with school and make lots of money, me and him will go get a boat so he can water ski all the time. actually tell him he has to learn to wakeboard.

dhinton said...

WOW very impressive!!! Oh how the kids are growing up. Wish I could have been there to see that, looks like a great time!!
Love and miss ya much!!

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