Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Summer

So this summer has been rather uneventful. There is not much to write about.We did T-ball and a tennis camp we have gone to Lava Hot springs and Boise we also went to Island Park, but overall it has been a very low key summer. The kids start back to school next Wednesday and I'm of two minds about it. I'm excited to have a few hours a day with nobody fighting or arguing. However I am not looking forward to homework and bed time and waking kids up in the morning and pulling myself out of bed in the morning.
My sister is coming up next week for 5 days, that should be some fun. We are planning on going up to Yellowstone for a day with them.

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VikiViki said...

Everytime I log onto your blog- the whiteness of your hubby's skin stands out! I still think that I could out-shine him in a contest with my albino-ism skin! Thanks for trying on my hair today. If nothing else - we got to gab again! =)

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