Friday, April 10, 2009

The Disappointment

I don't know why but for some reason, I always think the best of people and somehow end up being disappointed. Do you think when you are more cognizant of how you treat others, you expect others to be the same? Or do I just live in a world that I think people are just idealistically good? I don't know, but I choose to continue to let people disappoint me in order to not be tainted and think the worst of people. I also refuse to become like them....I will not, just blow someone off at the last minute. Not call when going to be late. Expect someone to bend over backwards for me without doing some bending of my own. Or just take advantage of others generosity and goodness.
If I become this way....please kick me in the butt.

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VikiViki said...

Terri - I admire you for continuing to forge ahead having faith in people - I think it will serve you well in the long run. (At least that is what I tell myself!) You are not to the point of having to kick you in the butt - I can't imagine ever having to do that to you.

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