Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday McKenzie

15 things I Love about McKenzie.

1. Kenzie is one of the most compassionate people I know. Whenever she sees someone hurting or being hurt she always feels bad for them. When kids make fun of someone she wants to stop the person, but often her shyness stands in the way.

2. She adores little children. She loves kids and she bonds with them like they are her own. She dreams of the day she will be able to be a mom.

3. She is a kidder. She loves to tease people.

4. She is a great friend. She likes people that are positive and that try to be upbeat and she tries to be the same. She doesn't like to gossip about other friends and hates it when her friends do.

5. She makes decisions that aren't popular because she knows it's the right thing to do.

6. She is very smart. She just hasn't figured it out yet.

7. She is willing to try anything. She has an adventurous soul. Loves to do thrilling things.

8. Kenzie can sleep longer and later than anyone I know.

9. She has the greatest smile.

10. She loves to do acts of kindness for others. She's always the first one to want to bring cookies or brownies to a new neighbor. And loves it when we have others over for dinner.

11. Kenzie is very protective of her little brothers. Don't get me wrong they drive her crazy also, but if anyone picks on them she doesn't take it very well.

12. She is great at holding her tongue, (NOT with me). But, when someone says something rude to her...no matter how bad she wants to get angry, she just bites her tongue and doesn't say anything.

13. Kenzie sees the good in people. She likes to think the best of people and is often surprised when someone disappoints her.

14. She has the most amazing brown eyes. All she ever has to do is bat her big brown eyes and she can pretty much get whatever she wants.

15. She makes our family complete. What would we do without her? She makes us laugh and we really enjoy seeing her smile.


Tasha said...

i adore McKenzie because she lets old people be her friend on facebook and she will even send me challenges sometimes!
She also reminds me very much of her amazing mother!
love ya

Lyle said...

Happpy B-day McKenzie!

These "15 reasons" are not only a celebration of your birthday but also the demonstration of the love your Mother has for you. You really do have an amazing family and you will always be surrounded by their love.

Happy Birthday (sorry I'm late) from Brianna's Uncle Lyle

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