Monday, August 31, 2009

Here's to Camy....Happy 40th!

Since I do this for my kids, I thought I would do this for my good friend Camy Hertz. Some of these are repeated because they are things I had her other friends list about her. I had everyone do 10 things.

Susan said:
1. She is very wisdomy
2. She just introduced me to some GREAT facial scrub. It is like a massage on the face!
3. She is SUPER kind hearted
4. Extremely Practical
5. Open to new ideas
6. Not judgemental of people
7. Lots of fun to be around
8. Kind mother, you know she loves her children.
9. She has a lot of brains!
10. Funny

Linda said:

Camy is:
is a loyal friend
good listener
GREAT board member!! They are so missing out!!
devoted mom
has a great memory and
sharp mind
easy to be around
fun to be around!!

Terri said:

Camy is....
wise beyond her years
sneeky (never get on Camy's bad would be scary)
a "little F'r"
centered in her beliefs

Viki writes:
"Camy is.. a Caring person, Always trustworthy, Motherly, and Youthful.

Christina says:

Camy is gentle, has a very warm smile, a very kind heart, beautiful toes, a fast finger for texting, and I love her sense of humor, which more than makes up for the last 5!

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Megan Hanson said...

I've been out of the blog world all summer! Tell Camy happy 40th for me! Looks like you guys threw her a fun party -- wish I could've been there! Love ya!

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