Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brittain is Thirteen....The 13 Reasons I Love Him

1. Thanks to Brittain I now have 4 teenagers.
2. Brittain is witty like his Dad.
3. He stands for what is right and won't back down.
4. He is ancient beyond his years. He will make an extraordinary adult.
5. Being fair is the most important thing to Brittain.
6. This kid is so funny....I have to tell you something he did when he was about 7.....We were in the car and a discussion on getting Syd a bra came up. He said, "why does Syd need a bra?", I said...."boobs, you heard of them?" He looked at me and thought for a minute, he said, " a theater near you."
7. He is a genius....he is so analytical he often out thinks his teachers. It's so fun to watch his brain at work.
8. He has a contagious smile, and beautiful blue eyes.
9. He knows when he is right and there is no changing his mind.
10. He is a great actor...drama is in the soul of Brittain.
11. He has a strong testimony.
12. He loves scouts and camping (more power to you Brittain).
13. Brittain memorizes things really well.....When we were at my sisters this summer, I was talking about my great nephew Lucas and saying he had a very expressive face. Britt, pipes in and says, "the face of a child says a lot of things, especially the mouth part of the face." by Jack Handy......

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