Monday, November 9, 2009

Great, Great Brady's Eight

Brady Matthew Porter
turned eight on November 2nd. Here are eight reasons to Love him.

  1. He will try anything and go anywhere. He is very adventurous. That would explain why he could ride a scooter at eighteen months and run circles around a ten year old with it. He could jump on a tramp at 14 months and he also decided to go on an adventure when he was about 20 months down Ammon Road, with the dog.
  2. His smile will light up a room. You can’t help but smile when he smiles.
  3. He has the most beautiful blue eyes just like my Mom. When I look at them, I see her.
  4. He love people. When he meets someone they are him instant best friend He and Tyler's room-mates family wrapped around his finger in a matter of minutes.
  5. He LOVES sports. Not watching....playing
  6. He’s really cute and he know it whenever I tell him he’s cute, he says, “I know”. In a very matter of fact way.
  7. He loves to snuggle with me. Even on our ride coming home from Florida, he would reach up from the back seat and just want to hold my hand. He’s a very loving and caring boy.
  8. He was soooo excited to be baptized. We had the Missionaries over to teach him the discussions before we went on vacation. He was so attentive. He remembered the lessons he was taught and when we went to interview with the Bishop he attempted to tell him all the different things he learned. I think he thought it was a pass or fail test.
We are so proud of the decision Brady made to be baptized, and we love him very much. Our family would not be complete without him.

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