Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Daughter is an Adult

Well I guess it was inevitable.....No matter what I do they just seem to keep getting older and older. Sydney Ashlee Porter came into the world on October 25th. She was born at 7:40 am. She was one of the easiest births but I came the closest to dying while giving birth to her. She was such a skinny little thing. She weighed in at 6 lbs. 11oz., but she was 22 inches long. Syd was a busy baby. She loved to just go around like a cyclone. Her mission was to seek and destroy. In some ways she was an easy going child but boy in some ways I was convinced she just wanted to prove what an awful mother I truly was. No matter how hard I tried she just never seemed very happy. Funny thing is, as an infant she smiled non stop. Everyone commented on what a beautiful baby with a beautiful smile. "She smiled at air". Syd spent much of her childhood in La-La land. She preferred it there. She once commented that she liked La-La land, because she could dance and sing and there were flowers everywhere. I'm really glad she had somewhere to go in those moments when being where she was, was just to much for her to handle. LOL
Here are the Eighteen reasons I Love Syd!

1. Syd has some seriously wicked sarcasm.
2. She has always been so grown up. Logic was never wasted on her.
3. She is sooooo patient with McKenzie. Most big sisters would have choked her in her sleep by now.
4. She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit.
5. She is a really good friend, but doesn't need to be surrounded by her friends constantly.
6. Syd has a mind of her own. She is kind of like her mom in that way. If you piss her off you will definitely know about it.
7. She is a great leader. The kids at school really look to her a role model.
8. She's really the only one that follows this blog, so at least she will see this post.
9. She's a good shopping buddy. She doesn't linger too long and we don't have to try on everything in the store. She doesn't beg me for things either.
10. Syd's a great organizer. When I need something organized, I leave it to her.
11. She is a good dancer.
12. She has a really nice voice. I like to hear her sing.
13. She has made a really good chauffeur.
14. I never have to remind her to do her homework.
15. She barrows all my clothes (that's not the good thing) the good thing is when she gets a job and buys her own clothes I'm going to get pay back.
16. She is NOT boy crazy. I have non of the typical teenage worries with Syd.
17. She lived through her childhood, despite the fact I almost killed her. (Ask her about the gum story)
18. She's been an awesome kid and I think she is going to be an even more amazing adult.


Susan said...

I FOLLOW YOUR BLOG! WOW! SHE IS A NEAT KID! Thoae were really great comments about her.

Tasha said...

I love that she doesn't mind being friends with OLD people! She is amazing, you guys did a great job.

Quail Ridge Griffons said...

Syd isn't the only one following your blog! And I'm glad I stopped by today because I'm very touched by all of the precious things you said about your girl. She is an amazing person and I'm glad I know her. She probably doesn't know this, when she's a mom maybe she'll get it, but I love all of my friends' kids because I love my friends so much. Happy Birthday Sydney!

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