Monday, November 16, 2009

My Girls


Take a good look at these pictures. These woman are the very reason I am here today. They are the most hard working, dedicated, stalwart, loving, kind, forgiving (some may not agree) and humorous woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I met the majority of them about 7 years ago. These woman have dedicated so much of their lives to the things in life that mean so very much. They are passionate about all that they do. The things they believe in, they do with so much of their heart and soul that others may take it as an obsession.
There have been a lot of bumps in the road over the last few years, but the only constant is that I know that they are there for me, and each other, all the time. We have each made mistakes, we are human. We have learned from them and hope that we do better next time.
Some were at one time part of a board of directors and could not enjoy the pleasure of our company. They since have stepped down. I am so glad, because life just wasn't the same without being able to have them be a part of so many wonderful experiences.....
I think everyone needs friends like these. Those of you who don't, I am sorry. I don't think life would be complete without them. I love my family but these woman complete me. They are like sisters. I feel a strong bond with them. I love their kids like my nieces and nephews, and we plan which kids will marry each other. Tee-hee :-)
A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world- Leo Buscaglia
Lucky for me I have 7 amazing people in my world. What a beautiful garden they make.


Susan said...

Thank you! I love you to death. I can always feel that you love me to. I don't know why it is weird but I just know you love me. Is that weird? It would be if you didn't, I guess, and I am making the whole thing up in my head but I don't think I am. We rock! Oh yea, and I forgive you for posting wretched pictures of me!

Megan Hanson said...

Okay so I had tears in my eyes just looking at the pictures, then reading your sweet words, the tears are flowing down my cheeks. You are right on about how wonderful all these women are -- and you are included! I miss you all. Wish I could have been there this weekend with you all . . .

Christina Gutke said...

Your post was very touching! I am so glad that you are my friend! I also have the same sentiments as you when it comes to the completness that you feel when we are all together! When we are not together I feel so cheery inside just knowing that I have the worlds greatest friends! I love your sense of humor, and that you understand mine! You are one in a millon!!

VikiViki said...

Ditto to everyone. I just hope that I can be as forgiving as Susan was about the photos. I am crying as much as Megan about how flippin' huge I am (let's not even get started on that ginorm nose). lol.
I love you to death, Terri. Only a TRUE friend would go all "blue thumbed" for me!!!

Idahomomof7 said...

What a sweet post! I love you all to death also! And the part about feeling completed by each other~ Priceless!

Unfortunately, I know I'm not as forgiving as Susan: because in regard to the picture of me I just have to ask, "REALLY??"

And we miss you too, Megan! It's not everyone who will go out on a limb and be seen with us!

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