Thursday, September 23, 2010

Words of Wisdom - Glenn Beck
The Perfect advice from a parent to a child

* You’re never alone, and there is never trouble that is beyond help.
* Your Father loves you, and your Heavenly Father loves you.
* Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come, but as long as we have today it is never too late.
* Question with boldness. Read what they tell you not to. Challenge everything; the educated of this time are growing arrogant, and arrogance leads to darkness.
* Sunlight is the best disinfectant, however, sanitizer is a must. Especially in NY City.
* Look for the exits; they may save your life.
* Respect others; know that they are most likely afraid, just like you. In fact I have found that the more arrogant and forceful they become, the more afraid they are.
* The worst thing in life you can do is to dishonor yourself and your family, and then go living a life without setting it right.
* Marry for love, marry for laughs, but most importantly, marry with God. For without God, life’s storms are too strong to withstand.
* Wealth and fame are an illusion. We’ve been rich we’ve been poor we’ve been happy both times, but when you are truly miserable is when you lie to yourself and others.
* Alcohol and drugs make life easier, for a very short time, and then they destroy.
* There is no experience that is bad. Experience just is, it’s what you do with that experience, how you use it. Will it shape your life for the better and help you to be a stronger person, or will you allow those experiences to smother and destroy you?
* Call 911 first, and then call your Dad.
* Always have a picture on your desk of someone you admire.
* Don’t let life wash over you, wave after wave. You are not a rock. Learn from the waves; learn from the currents. Choose to sail.
* "I AM THAT I AM" is the most powerful phrase in any language. As it is, the name of God. Never use it in vain. Use it to create who you want to be. “I am ______. But know that if you don’t fill that blank in, someone else will. You can ignore it, but if you do, it will be filled in by others or just life. There will always be many who will try to fill that blank in, but only you can fill it in, and be happy.
* The Lord lives and he is personal. He loves you and is always there to help. But we have to train ourselves to hear him. We have to use our faith and exercise it like a muscle. The more we use faith, the louder he becomes.
* Serve him in all things. Stand where he asks you to stand. Stand, for you do, have a purpose.
* Your job is to remember who you are. Remember what you agreed upon.
* We are meant to be happy. But remember, “no pain, no gain.”
* Life is hard, and then, it gets harder. And then you die, but every single second of life is worth it.
* Always say what you mean and mean what you say.
* Always turn the other cheek and always forgive. But don’t forget so much that you put yourself in the same situation.
* Question authority. Including everything you have just read.
* Make these things true, because you know them to be true.
* You have everything you need to be happy. I hope you figure that out before I did.
* Freedom, Rights are given to Man, by God. They are his; protect them. You are the guardian.
* Private Jet travel is the only material thing that can actually change your life. However, refined manner, gentleness, meekness, kindness will be the only currency of any true value.
* Stuff doesn’t matter.
* Forgiveness is divine.
* The Atonement is real.
* You are worthy.
* Hell is an eternity of regret, not being able to forgive yourself.
* Cabs smell worse in the summer.
* Walk a lot. And never stop noticing things around you. When you do, change your way, or change your address.
* People are good. They want to do the right thing. Give them the opportunity.
* Shadows are darkest at noon. And it always gets colder before sunrise.
* It’s never wrong to do the right thing.
* Learn to love others that you know, or you really don’t like.
* Read the scriptures everyday. They are alive and He speaks to you through them.
* There are no coincidences in life.
* Learn, laugh, love.
* Sleep hard, and sleep less.
* Pray on your knees.
* To whom much is given, much is required. (You’ve been given the world and beyond.)
* Only date those who love you as much as I do. Only date those who’ll treat you, as I have tried.
* Never want something too much. You will always end up paying too high of a price, one way or another.
* If you must shoot, shoot to kill.
* Labels are meaningless.
* Someone you meet today is afraid, or suffering, find them, comfort them.
* Never let the sun go down without saying you’re sorry for your wrongs.
* Your parents miss you. Call them. Call them now.
* Life goes by far to fast.
* Keep a journal. Write what you think. Write what you question. Write what you know.
* There is order in all things. Stay in that order, stay in the flow.
* You will find very few real friends in life. Cherish them. Things will change, and you will fall in and out of each others lives, but when you do come back together, it will be as if you never left.
* The hardest thing to do is to admit is failure. To admit weakness. Only the very strong do. The weak never ask for help.
* Fasting is prayer.
* Fasting without prayer is a diet.


VikiViki said...

I love that advice. That is only the second time I have read through it...but it makes me want to start a "words of wisdom" for my own kids! Love it!

sbstacey said...

No wonder why I didn't see you much this summer. Sounds like you guys have been really busy. Fun busy though. Hope all is well.

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