Monday, September 12, 2011

County Fair!

Brady in the hamster ball.

So one of my very first posts was on the County Fair. I talked about the quality of people that attended and worked there. Every year we go, (why, I don't know). It's the same thing every year. I guess the hum of the whole thing is exciting. It smells bad, the amount of drunks is uncountable and the Carnies just give me the creeps. I don't understand it. It's like voluntarily being water boarded. UGH! Why, I ask, do we do this to ourselves. Don't even get me started on the whole expense of it all. My goodness you have to be a CEO of a corporation just to afford to go on the rides and eat the food. It costs more to go to the County Fair than to take your kids to Lagoon for the day. I'm not kidding about that. And believe me, there is no comparison.
So the whole reason I'm writing this is......everyone says they are going to the fair, for fair food. And every year I think, "ok, maybe I am missing something. I will try something different this year." So far the only thing I have liked there has been the Elephant ears and the Corn on the Cob. Maybe I'm just not into fried food. That must be it. Or maybe old food, or perhaps cold food. It's just gross people. I can't stand it. Yet every year I endure it. Well, maybe that will gain me some browny points from my last blog entry. The things we endure for our children.

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Susan said...

We have gone every year practically and Justine and I have spent a lot of time there with the rabbits. I have tried almost everything food wise. Aside from the desserts it is mostly all gross! I agree with you! That hamster ball is GREAT! Miss you!

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