Wednesday, May 21, 2008

LIFE- I need a day off!

I'm feeling the pressure to post something new, because I know how irritated I get when I check someone's blog (not naming any names) and it hasn't been updated in days. SO I guess I will just talk about all the things that I have been up to for the last week.
Yard work.......That's pretty much it. I have layed sod, tilled a garden, lined it with railroad ties, prepped the swells, seeded grass and planted about 30 plants and two trees. Completely by myself. My body hurts so bad, and my hands are hashed. I have cuts and slivers and bruises all over me. I am burned on my arms, ears and nose and then re-burned. I need a massage and a manicure.
I am hoping the weather dries out enough this weekend to be able to seed the rest of my yard. So I am somewhat glad that I have a few days to recover before I have to work my butt of again.

Also, am I the only one that totally stresses out about all the end of the year crap that has to be done? Viki and I are making graduation invitations for the eighth grade (and she doesn't even have an eighth grader. Thank you Viki.) We have soccer practice, t-ball practice, pitching machine, graduation, my tennis league has started, Pipe's end of the year activities, K, 1, 2 3 grade fun day. I'm sure there are a few things I have missed.
LIFE.......I need a day off. Or maybe a martini?


VikiViki said...

I totally forgot about the Fun Day - shows you how well my brain is functioning - or not? Count me in on a manicure and drinks (virgin, of course!)

dhinton said...

I am glad that you posted a new blog, I feel that it is a way to keep up with you being all the way over there. I have been checking for anything new. I hope you do get that long overdue day off!!!
I know I need one.
Love ya,

dhinton said...

I am glad you put on a new post, I feel that I can ba a little part of your life way over here when I read your blog. I miss you and hoope you get that long deserved day off.!!!
love ya!

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