Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

1. Staying out until after 11:00 with my friends. Talking and laughing about only things we would understand.
2. Playing outside in the dirt. Especially after a very long winter.
3. Having a ah-ha moment.
4. Saturday morning when Brady comes and climbs in my bed and wraps his arms around me.
5. Having a few minutes to read to my kids.
6. Watching my kids when they do something they are really proud of.
7. Smelling a stinky diaper and realizing it's not one of my kids. 15 years of those was enough:)
8. Playing tennis. Anywhere, anytime with anyone.
9. When my kids say thank you.
10. When my kids come home and have no complaints about their day.
11. Having a really productive Saturday and feeling like a lot of things were accomplished.
12. Going out to dinner.
13. Coming home to a clean house.
14. Finding a really cute pair of shoes.
15. A good pedicure.
16. Waking up not tired.
17. Good sales.
18. Walking into a room and seeing my kids playing, and not fighting.
19. A clean bedroom (my husbands a clutterbug).
20. Getting emails from friends and family.
21. Playing with my blog.
22. Having a spiritual moment.
23. Watching a good movie or show and crying like something tragic has happened.
24. Long car rides with Andrew and just talking about all kinds of things.
25. Knowing my exchange students is going home in 20 day. Wahoo
26. Laughing your guts out.


Anonymous said...

Love this Terri- So much I don't know about you and how fun to learn- Hope to see you out on the courts----

VikiViki said...

Go Terri - 26 items! You are a happy person, indeed! I know you like chocolate - you are my friend! (I'm very selective!)
Nice post.

Megan said...

I liked this post! I knew there was a happy person inside of you! Only joking! I especially liked number 1!

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