Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My nephew Nick and his Fiance

This is my Nephew Nick and his soon-to-be wife Jen. They
are getting married in San Diego on October 10th (my 21
anniversary). We are heading down there on the 8th. I am
really excited for him. I have never met her, but all of those who have, have been very taken with her cute personality. I am excited to go back to San Diego I haven't been back there for 22 years. It's a beautiful city.
Isn't my nephew cute. I love his dimples. He's a really great person too.
There is a cool article on them about there wedding in the Bride and Groom magazine. You can check it out at

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VikiViki said...

So cool how we always do the same things - we must be long lost blood sisters or something! HaHaHa I mean - first Disneyland - and now SanDiego. What are the chances? I am flying out there the weekend before you: the 3-5th of October. Also - our anniversary is October 11th - only one day after yours! Crazy. Cute nephew BTW!

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