Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18 Reasons the Porter Family Loves Dominika

1. Domi has an amazing smile.
2. She has the most amazing green eyes.
3. She has a smile for everybody.
4. She wants to do and see and experience everything. She has a very adventurous spirit.
5. Domi is such a goofy girl.
6. She takes more pictures of herself than anyone I know.
7. Domi has a pure heart.
8. She has an innocence about her.
9. Domi loves to make people happy.
10. She is very forgiving.
11. She loves animals (especially puppies).
12. She understood our sarcasm and gives it back.
13. She was an amazing friend to Sydney and McKenzie.
14. She is a great pouter when she wants something....
15. She is a very intelligent person.
16. She fit into our family like a hand in a glove.
17. Domi loves her family very much and she is a special person because of them.
18. She loves us........ :)

Happy 18th Birthday Domi....Now go get that license!


Dominika said...

Oh Terri..this is so awesome...I wanted to say something but now..I have no words...U made me cry.Lol you are first person who made me cry while i´m 18 :-D
I love you SO SO SO MUCH!And I incredibly miss you!
So I wanna say that THANK YOU.For helping me,for writing that reasons and you know what?THANK YOU just for being who you are.I love your family!You will always be part of my life,you will always stay in my heart,you will always be MY FAMILY. :-*
I hope I´ll see you in June ´10.
Love you!
Your chocolate girl :-D

VikiViki said...

That is super sweet, Terri.

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