Friday, May 23, 2008


Today was the most annoying day known to man. It started off with my kids missing the bus. Then I got home, only to notice that my neighbor had constructed a green house and put it between our property lines (We have a open back yard that allows all the kids to be able to access all the backyard freely. This limits my kids ability to run through, now they have to go around). Then we went to pick up the jeep. The man says, "I have some bad news for you, the part you bought has a leak and we now have to take it apart and put a new seal in it, it will cost another $170 on top of the $440 you have already paid." Great! Then I was already late to get to Viki's to finish the much beloved invitations and I have to run Andrew back home to get the ghetto van that we are borrowing. I call Viki to ask if she wants a diet coke, and of course she does, because people who have serious addictions like to be with others with the same addictions. So as I am rounding the corner, right before her house, it falls out of the holder and spills all over my van. "Oh my bloody *#@&."
I later (after hours of laughing at Viki, trying to deal with her kids who want her undivided attention, while working so diligently on these blasted invitations) rush home to get the cat my daughter thought she could con us into, to bring it to her, so she can find it a home. ( PAUSE, DEEP BREATH) So I drive all over looking for her. Her friends mom is a raunch about it, and I try to explain the situation and she finally gets it. But not before she makes me feel like my kid is probably off doing something bad (You know, because she is Satan and she has turned her daughter into Satan's spawn).
Now I am home, my daughter wants me to pick her up at the movies at 9:30. My exchange student wants me to take him to the mall and later pick him up. With the gas prices in the three digit range, it is going to cost.......oh....$50. (Not) But it feels like it, when I am putting $30 dollars every other day in my van.
I just looked outside only to see a lake in our swell that we spent an hour prepping and seeding the other day.
Oh what an annoying day!
I think the only good thing that has happened today is that Viki and I pretty much managed to get the dreaded invitations done. Again, Thanks Viki. :)
Oh, and Brittain got Student of the Week. Way to go Brittain :)


Jen said...

Two things....

1st, that cat looks possessed!!!

2nd, I HATE days like that!!! Hope today was better! You'd better get your "stuff" done so we can play on Monday! I need to laugh!

VikiViki said...

That was a crazy day. I totaly spilled a big 32 ouncer in the car the day before that - so I know how freakin' annoying that is. Are you coming over here monday or what? Greg tried to call you cell tonight to go watch the fight - but it just went to the message. Hey - I have one question about your blog post. If your daughter is the spawn of Satan - who does that make you? HeHe! =)

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