Thursday, May 22, 2008


Thought I would give you all an update on Tyler, since I put a picture of him on my blog, but didn't put a post.
One of the classes he is taking right now is lighting. He says it is really fun, and he has learned a lot in that class. He said the first week was nothing but telling you of the many ways that you could electrocute yourself, but now they get to do real hands on stuff. They get to set up the scene (which can take hours) and then they light it and then they take a picture of it so that the teacher can see it. I am assuming the teacher doesn't hang out in the labs at 1 a.m. He was telling me that lighting is one of the reasons that a film can take so long to shoot. Getting it right is an intricate art.
I think he is now starting to really have some fun. He is doing really well, he has had nothing but A's and B's. There are only about a third of the original class still with him, since many flunked some of the earlier courses, and have to take them over again. He is really proud of how well he is doing, and so are we.
He misses home, and we are counting down the days for him to come home, (37 to be exact) although it will be way to short of a visit. If any of you want to stop by and say hi when he is home, he will be here from June 28th-July 6th.

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VikiViki said...

What a smart kid - you should be proud. I know how hard it is to set up scenes for a movie shoot - I couldn't hardly believe it when I saw the people throwing rice and petals at the wedding scene - and after each shoot, they would have to sweep them up again and do the next take. It literally took ALL DAY to film a scene of the movie that lasted seconds! I couldn't never be an "extra".

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