Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Bison Migration

This trip started off like every other trip to West Yellowstone. Nothing out of the ordinary, until our way back home. A herd of Bison decided to make it's way further down the park so it took a short cut, the road. They were so close to the van I thought they were going to poke me in the butt, (I was sitting on the window ledge to get a better picture). Andrew almost reached out and petted a baby as it walked by, but the dad was right behind giving him the eye. About a third of the herd was made up of babies.
It was amazing to be so close to such an awesome and powerful creature. It was definitely the highlight of the trip.


VikiViki said...

Terri -
How was the trip? I am jealous. I LOVE to see the bison in the Spring. I feel like I haven't spoken to you in forever. Guess we should burden ourselves with another "project" huh? J/K. Let's just do lunch.

Megan said...

Hey, I want in on that lunch! What project can we make up just so we all have another excuse to hang out? Anyway, my real comment was that we got stuck in a bion migration a couple years ago. It was so amazing. They are so big, but so peaceful, too. Was there still a lot of snow up there?

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