Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I can barely contain myself. I put my exchange student on the plane today. I don't think you can understand the relief I feel. It wasn't a horrible experience, but it left a lot to be desired. Just one more kid to cart around and one more mouth to feed. And like all kids they are great at consuming but they really suck at replenishing. He wasn't a defiant kid or even rude, but he was an 18 year old male, the only things he thought about were girls and cars.
I am looking forward to school being out. This week I have two baseball games. I am instructing for three days at the tennis club. We still have soccer. And I also have scouts. Next week we have a zoo trip, eighth grade graduation, the end of the year carnival and four more baseball games.
Oh how I am looking forward to warm weather and sleeping in. I am tired of fighting the bed-time thing, since my kids are still in school and the rest of the neighborhood is out and can stay up later.
Woo-hoo schedules to the wind and no more HOMEWORK!


Jen said...

ah yes....summer vacation. When the kids are always bored and the fighting never ends...but at least you get to sleep in and not fight them about going to bed on time, thus increasing the time to hear them whine and complain! Yahoo for summer! NOT!

VikiViki said...

So - I hadn't seen this post when I wrote you that email. Did anyone in your family get emotional when he left? What are you doing for the Carnival? I am totally slacking this one off!

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