Monday, June 30, 2008

He Comes and Goes

So he has been here for two days and I already am dreading him leaving. Everybody's whole attitude is different in the home. Everyone is happy and getting along (for the most part). I don't want to share him with his friends. He is going to be gone another 5 1/2 months before we see him again. WHAA
I didn't think it would be this hard when your kids leave the home. He is doing really well, school suits him and he is flourishing. He also appreciates home so much more.
We have lots of plans for his time here, but then we go back next Saturday to take him to the airport. I think we will all be sad to see him go.


Jen said...

Funny thing all the time I've known you, I don't think I've actually ever seen this side of you! Who are we kidding...we think we are all tough and not sappy mushy moms...YEAH RIGHT!

VikiViki said...

I can't believe how it feels like I've been gone forever. How fun to have Ty home for a while. If you think 5 1/2 months is a long time - wait until he is on his mission and is gone for 24 months! Although - that time really does seem to fly (this is coming first-hand). Can you believe that Murray's and Hale's are back allready. I missed both homecomings. Let's do lunch sometime before school starts.

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