Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cornwallis Has Been Found

Well some of you may know the saga of Cornwallis. For those of you who don't, it goes something like this.....Our friend Jerry came to visit us with a menagerie of reptile about two weeks ago. On his way here one of his King snakes ate the other king snake. That was very tragic. Then his beautiful Ball Python came down with pneumonia, and was threatening death. During his last show here at the house we discovered his baby corn snake was missing....Needless to say we had some very nervous spectators....We assumed that he had escaped his cage and made his way into another cage. We did a search around the house but....Poor Cornwallis was nowhere to be found.
Until yesterday when our little neighbor boy went down to the play room to play and low and behold who slithers over little Tiger's foot but, hungry, thirsty, cold, Cornwallis. Brady comes tearing upstairs yelling, "Cornwallis is alive"! "Cornwallis is alive"! SO downstairs I go, and sure enough, under the lid to the lego's is, Cornwallis. the baby Corn Snake. I took him upstairs gave him a much needed drink of water and warmed his little cold body up. Today he thinks I am his best friend because I fed him a pinky (dead baby mouse). Boy was he a very happy snake. As far as snakes go. So we have another addition to the family, at least for a few months, until Jerry's son, Jason, takes him home in July. Until then, we will love him like our own ;)
P.S. This is not his only brush with death. He has also survived being eaten by a snake. He came out with only a few puncture wounds and an in-depth look at the anatomy of a snake.


Jen said...

Um, I would probably have called someone to come catch that snake. I would NOT have made friends with it, that's for sure. And I'm sure had I been the one to find it, I would very quickly had a heart attack!! Glad that thing is at your house and not mine! Let me know when it leaves so that I can come visit! BTW, I'm actually surprised that one of your cats didn't have a slithery little dinner!!!

kris said...

Please tell me that's not Cornwallis on your head!

Terri Porter said...

oh yes it is...LOL

tp_08 said...

well I better not be finding this cornwallis in my bed when I get home....

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