Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wow what a weekend!

Talk about trying to fit in as many activities as possible in one weekend. Let me list the many things we did this weekend. Well I played two tennis matches, for a tournament I was in (got my butt kicked in both) went to dinner with my husband (I think he felt sorry for me). Then I went to the cannery, took Brady to a birthday party, shuffled kids back and forth to the mall, and to friends houses, went bowling, went to feed the ducks, went to dinner, dyed four out of six of my kids hair, and managed to spend some fun time with my kids. Needless to say it is Sunday night, and I am wiped out. Sometimes I just feel like you could just wipe me off the floor and put me in bed for a week. Unfortunately, we are starting a whole new week all over again.
Do you remember when the weekend meant relaxation? I'm talking way before kids, like High School days. Those were great. I should have enjoyed them while I could. Instead, I would complain and say how bored I was. Oh, what I would do to be able to sleep in until 10 or 11 and then sit around in my pj's and talk on the phone or watch tv all day. If we only knew then what we know now....


VikiViki said...

Wow Terri -
Here goes another busy week - LIBERTY! Yeah! See you on Wednesday.

kris said...

We saw Andre in Boise a couple of years ago. I thought you were there too? Seems like you went there with two or three other people but I can't remember now who it was. Anyway, it was when Agassi and Steffi and Blake and the Bryan brothers were all in Boise. Andra (my Andra) and I got passes to the pre-match party and I was literally inches away from Agassi and Steffi and Blake. Of course, I completely froze, but that's okay - I still remember it like it was yesterday. He's SOOO amazing!

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