Thursday, May 8, 2008

To Offend Or Be Offended

Why is it that some people never grow up? I am talking about those people who are always looking for high school drama in their lives. Some people are always offended even when there is no offense intended. These are the type of people I just want to grab by the scruff of the shirt and say, "get a life! Aren't there other things that you can waste your time on that are more productive?"
I don't remember the last time I was offended by someone (other than people that are offended by me, when I didn't intend to offend) Are you still following me?
Well actually, I could have been offended the other day when a lady I highly admire told me she liked my hair, she said, "You look much younger, your hair used to look really goth". Now, like I said, I could have been offended, but I chose to take the compliment and not listen to the Goth comment.
My neighbor said his mother has a quote it goes something like this, "You are a fool if you offend someone. You are a bigger fool if you take offense when none is intended."
Look life is just simply to short. Can't we all just get along?


VikiViki said...

I am totally offended by that photo of you with that OTHER MAN! And your husband should be, too! =) Just kidding. I am glad to have someone to share the same feelings of offence as I do. I always said (and then Susan stole it from me at a few meetings) "If you want to offend me, you'll have to let me know that's what you are trying to do". Now - on feelings of "annoyance", that's a whole other ball park.

Terri Porter said...

Funny thing is my husband is the one who took the picture. Kinky huh?

Megan said...

By the way, I didn't think you're hair looked Goth. I don't know what Becky was talking about!

susan said...

I am SO offended! I did NOT steal that quote from you VIki! DeAnn Munns taught it to me when I though I hurt her feelings and apologized once! Terri, your hair was never goth, that was odd.Susan

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